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Idaho AgCredit takes pride in protecting your money and personal information. We do not sell your information to third parties. And, unless we are required by law, we do not provide your information to anyone (including your accountant or attorney) without your authorization. To ensure your protection from cyber threats, Idaho AgCredit has implemented various safeguards to keep your information confidential.

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Online banking offers you quick access to your Idaho AgCredit accounts from anywhere, any time.

With online banking, you can:

  • See your current balances (as of the last processing cycle)
  • See detailed views of your account activity.
  • Download your account activity.

Online Banking FAQ’s

Yes, with your authorization. Please reach out to your loan officer to get set up for automatic payments.

Yes. You can send money through a wire or an ACH transfer from your external bank account to your account at Idaho AgCredit. Speak with your loan officer about the details you need to provide in order to do this.

Your account information is updated shortly after midnight on each business day. To get your current balance, you can check online, or call your local branch to speak with a staff member.

Call your local branch to speak with a staff member who can help you reset your account.