Real Estate Loans

What We Do

We understand that land is the foundation of your farm or ranch. That’s why we provide the best land loans and real estate options built for you.

Whether you are expanding your operation, refinancing property, or just getting started, we are here to help you reach your goal. We also do loans for buildings and other farm improvements.

  • Terms range from 5 to 30 years
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment options aligned to your income schedule.
  • Fixed and variable rate options
  • Bridge loans

For more info about loans, call the Idaho AgCredit branch nearest to you and talk to a loan officer or use the Loan Inquiry button below. All decisions are made locally.

What We Need From You


Real estate loans range from 5 to 30 year terms with either variable or fixed interest rate options. Payment plans can be on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly basis.

Young, Beginning & Small Farmers

Idaho AgCredit has programs for Young, Beginning, and Small farmers (YBS) that will help them accomplish their farming or ranching goals. It is part of our mission to provide sound credit to enable Young, Beginning, and Small farmers to begin, grow, or remain in agricultural production and to facilitate the transfer of agricultural operations from one generation to the next. We are a Preferred Lender with the Farm Service Agency (FSA). Our experience and knowledge of the FSA programs is just one of the many ways we provide operating, equipment, livestock, and real estate loans to YBS producers.

We encourage inquiries for loans from all agricultural producers, including market segments that may be overlooked by other lenders, such as loans to youth or individuals who are just getting started in farming or ranching and individuals who are farming or ranching in “new markets” such as specialty crops, farm to table, or farmer’s markets.

Am I Eligible?

Farmers and ranchers who have one or more of the following criteria may quality for our YBS loan program:

  • YOUNG: age 35 or younger
  • BEGINNING: 10 or less years experience in farming / ranching
  • SMALL: Under $350,000 annual gross income from farming operations