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Idaho AgCredit is a lending cooperative for people involved in any aspect of agriculture. We offer easily accessible credit at a fair price, and local employees that understand agriculture. As a cooperative, we return a portion of our profits to our members as patronage dividends. Every year, our members come together to elect a local board of directors that governs the policies of Idaho AgCredit.

“Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man.”


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idaho & Wyoming

Idaho AgCredit is part of the national Farm Credit System, the number one lender to U.S. agriculture and Rural America since 1916. For more than 80 years, we have been a reliable source of credit to farmers and ranchers in Idaho & Wyoming — in good times and bad.

A Steady Hand
Since we are part of the Farm Credit System, we lend only to agriculture, and that means we won’t be trying to make a “portfolio adjustment” like some commercial lenders do when times get tough. We know how to help you work through tough times, and can offer lending programs that reach out with a helping hand.

Ag-Business Expertise
Your Idaho AgCredit loan officer is a professional who knows the ins and outs of agricultural businesses, and makes a point to thoroughly understand your business and its financial needs.

Our Branch Locations
We have four conveniently located branches to serve you. Please call, email, or visit the branch nearest you to learn more about Idaho AgCredit and our loan programs.

American Falls


Twin falls

Our loan decisions are made locally by a committee of branch managers and senior management, all of whom you will have a chance to get to know when you come into our branches or attend our stockholder meetings.

Does your bank share a portion of its profits with you?

As a cooperative, we pay our members patronage dividends. Since the program started in 2007, Idaho AgCredit has paid $35.9 million to its customers.

Not sure which loan is right for your situation?

Idaho AgCredit provides loans for EVERYONE. We have special loan programs for women, minorities, veterans, and young, beginning and small farmers and ranchers. We also make loans for specialty crops and niche markets. We can provide agricultural financing for all of your operating, term, and real estate loans.