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Board of Directors

The Idaho AgCredit board consists of: five directors who are also borrowers, elected by Idaho AgCredit members, and two directors elected by the board, including one “outside director” who must not be a borrower. Directors are responsible for representing the best interests of the organization and its borrowers.

Customers can impact the business by electing the board of directors who set policy.

Idaho AgCredit board elections include a regional nominating process that ensures sound representation throughout our lending territory.

Chairman Kenneth S. Black / Burley, ID

Ken is a lifelong resident of the Burley area and graduated from Burley High School in 1973. He attended CSI and Utah State University for two years majoring in mechanical engineering. He received an Associate’s Degree in Business from CSI. Ken is married to the former Nina Egan, also of Burley. They have two children including a married daughter living in Burley and a married son living in Almo, and six grandchildren. Ken farms and ranches in partnership with his son, Spencer and nephew, Chad, using the partnership name Black Livestock. They jointly own 2,000 acres of which 700 acres are cultivated, irrigated acres on which they raise 100 acres of barley, 600 acres of alfalfa, and 150 acres of meadow hay. Black Livestock owns 350 mother cows with a Forest and BLM allotment and maintains 1,500 head of cattle in its feedlot. The feedlot cattle are comprised of their own, purchased and/or custom fed cattle. Ken is a member of the Idaho Cattle Association and the Magic Valley Cattle Association and is active in his church. Ken is currently serving on the West Cassia Soil & Water Conservation District Committee. Ken has been an Idaho AgCredit member since 1993 and served on the Board from March 1999 to March 2011 and has served from March 2013 to present. He was the Vice Chairman from March 2010 to March 2011 and has been the Chairman from March 2015 to present. Ken is not related to any AgCredit officer or branch manager.

Tina Clinger / American Falls, ID

Tina Clinger from American Falls is an Idaho girl who believes hard work can turn dreams into reality. Together with her husband, Jerome, and their son and daughter-in-law, Casey, and Andrea, they farm sugar beets and wheat in Power County. She is the numbers person in the family farming operation and manages the books for their rental and trucking businesses as well. She is proud to list truck driver (18-wheeler) on her resume as well as chef-who-only-burns-a-little. A few years ago, her son asked her if she wanted to buy some cows with him and she is now known as the cow-whisperer when working their small herd. She serves as a board member for American Falls Power of Pride and is proud of her 1200-plus day streak on Duolingo, a language learning program. Tina has been married to her best friend, Jerome, for 40 years and loves spending time with family, traveling, practicing yoga with her daughter, and enjoying the outdoors. Tina feels it is important in this day of electronic relationships to develop a personal relationship with the people with whom they do business. She understands that farming requires demanding work, dedication, and the ability to adapt, change, and grow as technological advances become available. Idaho AgCredit has been an essential business partner of Clinger Farms for more than 40 years.

Bruce Ricks / Sugar City, ID

Bruce started farming with his father Ray, and brother Mark shortly after attending Ricks College. Bruce and Mark own 230 acres and lease an additional 650 acres which they farm as M&B Ricks Farms, Inc., a family corporation. Bruce raises certified seed potatoes, malt and feed barley, and other small grains in Teton County. He is currently serving as President on the Board of Directors of the North Fork Water Users Association. He has been an Idaho AgCredit member since 1983, and a board member since March 2015.

Sam Jensen / Firth, ID

Sam Jensen is a 3rd generation farmer and rancher in Firth. He is a lifelong resident of Firth, Idaho. He graduated from Firth High School in 2005. He then went on and received his bachelor’s degree in agribusiness in 2012 from BYU-Idaho. He and his wife have 3 kids that enjoy helping on the farm and ranch. He followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, pursuing a career in farming and ranching. Sam farms and ranches in partnership with his father. Together they run 600 head of angus mother cows along the Blackfoot river in Bingham County. Summer pasture includes their family ranch, Eastern Idaho Grazing Association, and leased mountain pastures from individuals and Bureau of Indian Affairs. Sam and his Father also farm 1000 acres of alfalfa. Sam is a member of Eastern Idaho Grazing Association. He has been a customer of Idaho AgCredit since 2016.

Ryan Mathews / Blackfoot, ID

Ryan Mathews is a partner and director of assurance services for the accounting firm of Cooper Norman and is not involved in agricultural production. He has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Master of Accountancy degree. Ryan has served as the Association’s outside director and board financial expert since March 2021.

Scott R. Giltner / Jerome, ID

Scott is a life-long resident of the Jerome area, and farms with his father and other family members. He is vice president of Giltner Trucking and is president of Giltner Milk Transportation and GMT Logistics. The Giltner family operation milks 4,000 cows and owns 2,800 acres of irrigated land on which they raise feed including alfalfa and corn. They haul milk daily from about 70 dairy producers for the Jerome Cheese plant, as well as truck condensed milk to Minnesota and South Dakota and transport freight all over the United States. Scott and his wife Holly have two children. Scott has been a board member since November 2007 and an Idaho AgCredit member since 1996.

Rich Blaser / Rexburg, ID

Rich Blaser is a lifelong resident of the Rexburg area, having been born and raised in Plano, west of Rexburg. Rich graduated from Sugar-Salem High School in 1985 and went on to attend Ricks College and Utah State University. Rich received a BS in Agricultural Systems Technology from USU, before starting to farm with his father. Rich and his wife have 6 children, including a son who recently moved back to Plano to farm. Being the grandparents of 3 is a highlight for them. Rich owns and operates Blaser’s Sunset Farms Inc. where he raises potatoes, wheat and alfalfa in the sandy soil of the Egin Bench near the Snake River. Rich has served on the Madison County Farm Bureau board for over 20 years, with several terms as Vice-President, and is active in his church. The corporation has been an AgCredit member since 1979 and continues to this day.